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My perspective of the use of FACEBOOK (Must read)

Posted by teachersnote on May 8, 2009

pskd in facebook

Who doesn’t know Facebook?… I think many people very familiar with this kind of social networking lately. People will get some positive effect of using it, even some says that this is very powerful and useful. However, you will get some negative impact of using it if you don’t use Facebook wisely.

One of my students, Heidi Sudjaka (grd. 5), wrote her idea of how to use Facebook wisely.

The uses:

To make friends (not enemies)

To re-unite with old friends and relatives

Chat and send praising messages (not messages about hating someone and making insults)

Plan meetings and gatherings to see your old friends

Bond with new known relatives and get to know them better

Make friends with your enemies (not making more rivalry)

Talk with your friends on days you have missed them

Sending application gifts to them to tell them; we are friends and always will be

Make albums of photographic memories when you and you friends were all together

Share and remember past good memories with others

Tell people about opinions and subjects (but no negative impacts)

The point is to share positive impacts on other and let them share to their friends and soon, the world will follow and become positively positive


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